Break Free From Fixing Yourself

The Power Of Acceptance

The moment you embrace all of you is the moment you break free from fixing you.

Lorie Ladd

Do you think of yourself as broken?

If you do, it is likely that you will always be looking for a fix and or a fixer.

I welcome you into a safe and sacred space of being in a relationship with yourself in which you embrace all of you, even the parts you think you may not like or that are broken or that need to be fixed and go away.

Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it.

It is a curious thing, it is a compassionate thing, it is a courageous thing to do for yourself. I know, because I have done this.

I no longer consider myself someone who needs to be fixed.

The amazing thing is is that I started being able to see everyone else that way also. They don’t need fixing, they need hugs, being listened to, being seen. Being held as sacred. Because they have forgotten. They have forgotten who they are, sacred and holy and perfect.

What if we are not on a journey to get somewhere? What if we are here to experience remembering who we have been all along?

Well then, that would be an amazing thing indeed.


Lis xxx

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