Stop Asking This

I remember as a child being so darn curious… WHY was my favorite word! I think it’s the impetus behind all the books I read and how I spend much of my time listening to people. I just dig knowing WHY…

I found, however, that on my healing journey, asking WHY was impotent, left me powerless, frustrated, and —- still not healed!

So I’ve stopped asking WHY… and I encourage my clients to stop asking WHY… and get on with the work of healing.

WHY is:

  • Distracting
  • Mind-focused
  • Egoically charged
  • Irrelevant
  • Not helpful

This is a hard truth today, dear Fellow Journeyers. I know it! But join me today on our YouTube show as we allow our body to share its wisdom through a guided meditation… and, perhaps even just a little, we will heal. We will come back into our bodies, breathe, focus on ourselves, and remember our Godness and greatness.

Powerful stuff, indeed.

We’re curious.

We’re compassionate.

We’re courageous.

And we are healing!

We’re so thankful you’re here. 

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To book an appointment: or 1-716-269-9655

God bless, Everyone.

Lisa xxx

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