A Prayer

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. e. e. cummings Abba, share your heart with me. Wake me up where I am yet asleep. Bring me to life where I am yet dead. Open my eyes where I am yet blind. Open my ears where I am yet deaf. OpenContinue reading “A Prayer”

There’s Giving & Then There’s…

I GOT A NEW SINK! Husband installed a brand new bathroom sink in “my” bathroom today. I am thrilled…and, if you’ve read me enough then you know this, I am also thrilled for the new-n-higher-vibe thoughts roaming around in my head and through my body… all because of this new sink. Swear to stars, IContinue reading “There’s Giving & Then There’s…”

Why Do I Race?

Why? I’ve been asked why… why I race. Why I train and run and run and train and then line my cheeks up to the start line and go. Head feet-long and heart-strong to that blessed finish line. Well, it’s not for the bling. Though to say it doesn’t matter is a big fat lie.Continue reading “Why Do I Race?”

What’s So Funny?

When Rose and I head out for one of our many adventures, we do so with the biggest of intentions. To place in our age group? Nope. To beat our PR? Naaahh. Our intention? TO HAVE FUN. We’ve always told ourselves that when it stops being fun, we’re tapping. Out. Done. So far, even aContinue reading “What’s So Funny?”

Best Feels

There’s a meme going around that shows a picture of a cabin in the woods and the question, “keep or sell.” KEEP. Live in forveverrrrrrrrrr…. Recently, Hubs mentioned that we should rent a cabin “like the old days” AKA when Five-Amazing-Souls-We-Get-To-Call-Our-Kids were wee. I have over a dozen photo albums stuffed with proof of ourContinue reading “Best Feels”

Tootsie Rolls ‘n Turds

Couldn’t sleep last night. So, a bit after midnight, I took my pillow and pink blankie and headed downstairs. FurButt Gia was sacked out on the couch but moved over enough to give me room to snuggle on one end and then drifted back to her dreamland. I opened up the sliding window just aContinue reading “Tootsie Rolls ‘n Turds”

That’s What Friends Are For

I did it! I AM A HALF-IRONMAN TRIATHLETE! And it was harder – oh, way harder – that I’d thought it was going to be. Here’s my big thanks to so many who helped me across the finish line – … cue the song, “that’s what friends are fooooor…” Steven: for cheering me on everyContinue reading “That’s What Friends Are For”


33… 5 kidsa llllll their friends 21 or 18 or maybe just lots of cats 1 dog 2 hamsters 2 snakes – #eeeeeek! 2 bunnies Numerous vacations to Allegany State Park. Hundreds of trails hiked, diapers changed, boo-boos kissed, pets adopted-named-fed-buried-mourned. Many first days of school, break-ups, ensuing heartaches, bowls of ice cream, and tearyContinue reading “33+2=<3”


Friends, True story: Hubs and I have had the absolute blessing of being raised by five amazing souls. They’re all adults now and adore us, which we’re kinda in shock about since we didn’t get it all “perfect” — which goes to show you that forgiveness, compassion, and a sense of humor go a realContinue reading “Holes”

True Story

Confession: I am a work in progress… and I’m not where I wanna be but I am headed in the direction of “I remember Ima miracle!” and so today is a good day. True story: I was addicted to food. Now I am in a relationship with nutrients and flavors. I was addicted to exercise.Continue reading “True Story”