Lately I’ve been pondering the difference between “anticipation” and “expectation.” If there is one… and I’m feeling like there is. For me, at least. Anticipation: look forward to Expectation: a strong belief that something should happen I’m splitting hairs, I know. Wordsmith, me. But hear me out. There is a definite difference in the feelContinue reading “Anticipaaaaation!”

There’s Giving & Then There’s…

I GOT A NEW SINK! Husband installed a brand new bathroom sink in “my” bathroom today. I am thrilled…and, if you’ve read me enough then you know this, I am also thrilled for the new-n-higher-vibe thoughts roaming around in my head and through my body… all because of this new sink. Swear to stars, IContinue reading “There’s Giving & Then There’s…”


Friends, True story: Hubs and I have had the absolute blessing of being raised by five amazing souls. They’re all adults now and adore us, which we’re kinda in shock about since we didn’t get it all “perfect” — which goes to show you that forgiveness, compassion, and a sense of humor go a realContinue reading “Holes”